The KAI Story

In Japanese, ‘KAI’ symbolises the restoration and recovery that mothers need most after giving birth. In Chinese, “凯” represents triumph, as child birthing is one of the most victorious moments in a lifetime. KAI embraces ‘omotenashi’, the Japanese concept of genuine, wholehearted hospitality; paying attention to the smallest of details and anticipating every need of the guest to deliver an unforgettable experience, and having a guest-oriented, personalised approach that tailors arrangements to the needs and preferences of each mother and baby.
KAI Singapore

What is Postpartum Confinement?

Postpartum confinement is a traditional practice after childbirth to help mothers recover. It starts right after birth and lasts for 28-42 days. This recovery period allows mothers to heal and bond with their newborns.

What is KAI ?

KAI unveils Singapore’s first licensed premium confinement hotel, offering a one-stop holistic pre- and postpartum care by a team of experts to rest, heal, rejuvenate, and support mothers while instilling confidence in them.


Housed in a heritage building on Dunearn Road, KAI provides a full range of maternity care services, including prenatal and postnatal education, mother and baby care, postnatal nourishment and nutrition, also body rejuvenation – delivered through science, expertise, and experience.

KAI Singapore Building
KAI Singapore Premium Suite

Why KAI ?

“The beauty of the beginning of a new life is the most precious thing on Earth”.  At KAI, our vision is to make the pre- and postpartum journey a magical and memorable experience for mothers and their precious little ones.

KAI blends Asian traditions and modern science for a rejuvenating mind-body experience.

KAI Cuisine

KAI CUISINE, a specially developed confinement food programme combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dietary science with modern gastronomy and artisanal ingredients.

KAI Singapore Premium Suite

KAI Singapore offers guests a Private Lounge for moms and dads, two nurseries, spa and wellness, hair salon, and lobby lounge.