KAI unveils the first licensed premium confinement hotel in Singapore, a one-stop facility offering holistic, specialised pre- and postpartum care services through a team of experts in order to rest, heal, rejuvenate, support and instil confidence in mothers.


The KAI experience embraces the concept of Japanese hospitality, “omotenashi”.

It is designed with the concept of providing a pampering, welcoming and indulging hospitality, paying attention to every detail to anticipate the needs of each guest so as to create a memorable experience for mums and their little ones.


Creating a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the mother and baby is our vision, and this is the KAI concept.



KAI services encompass the full spectrum of maternity care ranging from prenatal and postnatal education, to mother and baby care after birth, postnatal nourishment and nutrition, and body rejuvenation – delivered through science, expertise, experience and heart by experts in their individual disciplines.
Combining Asian cultural practices and traditions with modern science, KAI’s balance of East and West invigorates the body, mind and soul.


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See what our customers have to say

@ yl guo
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I came to KAI again after two months, and it reminded me of many good memories: tranquil and orderly facilities, friendly and helpful staff, postpartum recovery meals. The only downside to staying at KAI seems to be that everything is perfect there, which sets a high bar for me and my husband to take care of myself and our newborn son when we get home 🙂 Luckily, there is an experienced nurse team trained us as first-time parents before we graduated from the confinement center, and continued to guide us in taking care of the baby. I do think it's because of the good sleep routine the KAI nurse team put into place for our son in the first month that helped him sleep through the night at 2.5 months old.
@ marc gan
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I will highly recommend Kai for the following reasons. - nurses and nurse assistants are very professional and took care of everything that was needed. - we were also trained to be hands on when needed so that when we head home, it wouldn’t feel like day 1. - getting proper and diffident rest is essential for recovery and that’s what le wife had. Her recovery was much faster than expected and lost close to 75% of her pregnancy weight gain in the first month. - the food that was served was carefully curated by the chef, gives sufficient calories which is needed for breast milk and all natural ingredients with no added sugar/salt in the diet. - weekly yoga session help in getting those muscles activated - lactation massage was available too - the all important hair spa which is the best thing during week 2. A herbal hair wash for 45-60min rejuvenates oneself. - the sharing amongst the other moms and giving each other the support to stronger and better recovery. - chose to stay for a full 28 days which was the best decision we made.
@ faith chua
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The first week after giving birth was a roller coaster of overwhelming emotions and physical pain but I am grateful to the Kai care team for tending to my needs and going above and beyond to take good care of me and my baby. After birth, most would tend to pay more attention to the baby's wellbeing, but at Kai, they also made sure that my wellbeing was of utmost importance, and that I should prioritise my rest at all times. Initially, I didn't really understand their strict policy regarding no outside guests allowed in our rooms. But after checking in, I appreciated the great lengths Kai took to safeguard our peace. I could rest and recover quickly, learn how to breastfeed my baby properly and fully enjoy every moment of being with her with no distractions or disturbances. The food served at Kai was delicious. They not only helped my body recover but also nourished it so that my baby gets the best breastmilk it can produce. I looked forward to drinking the soups served at every meal and appreciated it when they adjusted my meals according to the TCM doctor's advice. I spent the most time at Kai with the nurses who looked after me and my baby. I was reassured knowing my baby was in their loving gentle hands at the nursery whilst I rested. The nurses at every shift knew my baby's needs well and could tend to her seamlessly. They spent time getting to know her personally and I enjoyed it when they shared fun little anecdotes with me. The nurses were also readily available to help me during my breastfeeding journey.
@ yu ang chen
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SOPs performed consistently by a professional team, with round the clock infant care, is what appealed to us and gave us peace of mind. Indeed, it takes the village to raise a child. Special shout outs to Judy, Ying Ying, Irene, and Lily for their utmost care when looking after the little one and the comfort and reassurance they gave to us as first time parents.
@ irving hwc
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We attended the first ever one-day retreat hosted by KAI— it included much detail and in-depth knowledge for natural birth delivery, newborn infant care and general new parents to-knows. Learning all these things at-once from a panel of internationally field-certified speakers (doula, lactation specialist, paediatrician, physiotherapists) beats search engine results with contradicting polarizing perspective or confinement nannies that heavily style their work based on traditional customs. It was also a rewarding experience to bond and meet other parents-to-be on the same journey (new parents need not to be lonely!). Finally— the KAI staff was consistently friendly, showed resourcefulness introducing some helpful networks when we needed some differing medical opinions regarding our needs/situation.
@ sihui lee
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Kai has an intimate team of nurses who are experienced, prompt and could almost always anticipate our needs. Would like to convey special thanks to Judy and Yieng Yieng, who were so kind with our twins, and Cecilia and Lily, our familiar faces during night shift who always made sure we were comfortable and had enough rest. The food was excellent - the menu was curated with care and everything down to the garnish were made in-house with quality ingredients to enhance recovery. Communication between the teams at Kai was superb. Everyone knew exactly the care required for my twins, our schedule (our gynae, paediatric, lactation consult visits) and preferences (guest relations made notes about my dietary preference). The nurses take initiative to feed my twins and pack their diaper bags before our visits and the lovely guest relations host ensures our ride was on time.
@ brandon heng
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Stayed at Kai after my wife’s cesarean birth to our beautiful twin babies. Truly the best decision ever! The care provided to my wife and newborn twins was impeccable, every detail was taken care of by their excellent care team, which made the stay extremely comfortable and my wife's recovery much smoother. Food was also cooked in-house by their chefs in their commercial kitchen ensuring that my wife’s postpartum meals were carefully curated. Thank you Kai team! Special shoutout to Yieng Yieng, Judy and Cecilia for the care and attention to detail given to our babies!
@ le yee sean
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Amazing service and post partum massage. All the staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The place to go for postpartum care in Singapore.
@ shao pin toh
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Starting with the facilities, the team paid attention to small details, such as setting up a bedside handrail to help me get up more easily following my C-section, as well as having multiple comfy corners in the room for breastfeeding, just to name a few. Such small details in the confinement hotel definitely made for a comfortable stay that aided in my postpartum recovery. Next, the confinement cuisine at Kai was well-balanced and calorie-counted. Even though i ate 6 meals a day (they served morning tea, afternoon tea and supper in addition to the usual 3 meals), never once did i get sick of the food. The philosophy behind the design of the confinement menu centred on healing, detoxification, restoration and nourishment, making the cuisine optimal for recovery and building milk supply at the same time. The nurses were patient and encouraging, and i felt well-supported and more confident in handling my newborn. I also could trust them in making sure that my little one was well taken care of in the nursery while i took some me-time to rest and recover. The friendly guest relation officers were prompt in looking into any requests and went out of the way to make sure i felt at home. The therapists at the wellness spa made sure that i received adequate lactation massages to ease any engorgements, and good shoulder and back massages to sooth the sore post-pregnancy muscles. Shout-out also to the driver who made sure we got ferried safely to and fro the hospital for our follow-up appointments, as well as the housekeeping team for keeping the room clean and comfortable.
@ k l sim
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My wife and I throughly enjoyed our experience there with our first newborn. We appreciated the expertise and professionalism of the entire KAI team: nurses, hospitality, housekeeping, etc. Beyond the wonderful services, the curated menu was both nourishing and delicious. It is truly the best place for my wife’s recovery post-partum and we left refreshed and prepared for transitioning to home. Thank you KAI team!
@ mei wan tan
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Our son is 3 months old now and we wish we could relive the care and attention of the team. The management and staff do go the extra mile to ensure the best experience possible. Food is simply amazing, I still think about their delicious oat cookies. Dietary preferences was expertly catered to and feedback was taken graciously. My husband and I are newbie parents so this was a great way to recover and learn from the friendly nurses.
@ germaine tan
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The care team was nothing but outstanding. They were consistently encouraging, and absolutely kind about the way they approached and spoke with me. They provided only full support in whatever decisions I undertook for my twins. I had no anxiety leaving the babies in their good hands, even as I rested through the day. They are also breastfeeding trained and hence are able to provide latching support should you need. The hospitality team was prompt and always on the ball. I loved that I could WhatsApp them for every need. I had visitors over during my short stay, and they ensured that my requests during those visits were catered for and attended to. They also made extra effort to transport the twins and me for various appointments we had to attend in the first week out of the hospital. If you haven’t traveled with twins in a car - they’re ticking time bombs. With the Kai team, I was totally assured that everything was taken care of. Kudos to their driver! Everyone has raved about their food - yes, I would like to add and confirm that it is truly amazing. During my first confinement after I delivered my eldest, food by the confinement nanny were drenched in sauces, ginger and oil. But lo and behold the confinement food at Kai is at a totally different level. I did not think confinement food could taste this way. I even asked to takeaway their lactation cookies when I checked out from Kai (plus ordered more for delivery to my home later).
@ jj j
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The team here is so professional and the head of care Teresa has been absolutely fantastic. She is so knowledgeable on all things baby and mom's post partum care. She and her team regularly check on us and are always sharing tips and information on any questions or concerns we might have. We feel like we have learnt so much in the last 5 days and feel very empowered as new parents. What's also really appreciated as a new mom is that I feel really cared for and they have really prioritized my recovery, something we tend to neglect as new moms. Additionally, the owner Kevin is so understanding and caring and have done so much to make sure our stay is comfortable!
@ marek dawidowicz
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When we arrived the first thing we noticed was how peaceful and tranquil it was after the intense few days at the hospital. The team then really helped us relax, unwind and focus on the first weeks of bonding with our baby. Teresa and the nursing team provided us with some amazing advice and guidance, supported us in the evening when we needed to catch up on some well-needed rest, and taught us all the tips and tricks to feel confident starting our new life as a family back home. The food was also excellent, catered to our tastes and requirements, and Becky and the catering team were always looking at ways to ensure that they met our needs.
@ wui mei chew
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Great service and nursing care. Would highly recommend to all.
@ rachel lee
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At first, we were impressed by the quality and variety of their confinement food which of course, did not fail us during the stay! However, upon reaching there and throughout the stay, I must say the care team in Kai Suites has truly left a deep impression on us! Kudos to the professional and knowledgeable care team, they provided the assurance that both myself and baby are in good hands. Several incidents had occurred to baby and myself during our first week while recuperating, and I was amazed how these nurses were able to manage the situations which could save me some (unnecessary panic) trips to the doc. Being first parents without attending any parental courses, we have brought back valuable knowledge and information taught by the team on caring for our little one!
@ kelvin tay
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We have been staying here for the past 3 weeks and the experience so far has been great. Our twin girls have been gaining weight steadily under the care of Kai’s nursing team, and my wife has recovered well with the nourishing meals served daily.
@ hughes low
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Being new parents, the insights and lessons provided by the nurses were invaluable. We learnt so much from the care team and they are all so patient and kind. We could really feel the care and concern from every single staff member. The owners are always around too and they put in so much effort to make sure their guests are all well taken care of.
@ kevin h
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Kai provided a peace of mind knowing that our newborn was well taken care of 24/7 and that my wife was getting the help and care that she needed to recover. The entire staff - from the professional care team who are on top of things, nurses who handled our newborn with love and care, and management who went out of their way to support us, to the cleaners who kept our room pristine and kitchen staff who served delicious meals every day - moves well in sync and helps you feel at home. It's been several weeks now that we have left Kai and I still find myself thinking back to our time there.
@ kevin h
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Our experience was absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend Kai during the mom's postpartum period. Kai provided a peace of mind knowing that our newborn was well taken care of 24/7 and that my wife was getting the help and care that she needed to recover. The entire staff - from the professional care team who are on top of things, nurses who handled our newborn with love and care, and management who went out of their way to support us, to the cleaners who kept our room pristine and kitchen staff who served delicious meals every day - moves well in sync and helps you feel at home. It's been several weeks now that we have left Kai and I still find myself thinking back to our time there. Our experience was special and we hope that other parents can experience the same!


We are looking to constantly develop our team members with aligned mindsets, and to expand our team.


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