At KAI , we understand that the arrival of a newborn is one of the greatest miracles of life, and our vision is to make the pre- and postpartum journey a magical and memorable experience for both mothers and their precious little ones.

Our team is constantly looking for brands with relentless energy to push themselves further, and to find new avenues and unique ways to reach our shared goals. We are proud to form a partnership with the following brands that are also market leaders in mother and baby care:

Pigeon is a market leader in mother and baby care products. They have been consistently and earnestly addressing the needs of mothers and infants since their establishment, always providing high-quality products based on research. After years of experience in serving generations of babies, Pigeon products have become known for their quality, safety, and performance.

At Kai, we have a passion for finding clean and organic baby skincare products to cleanse and care for sensitive baby skin. We were thrilled to team up with Aleva Naturals when we discovered their range of product is formulated with pure, natural, and safe ingredients like shea butter, oatmeal extract, and jojoba oil. Aleva Naturals 2-in-1 Hair and body wash and Soothing Diaper cream have proven to leave babies with soft and healthy-looking skin as it is designed to be therapeutic and pH balanced.

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