KAI CUISINE is a first-of-its kind programme in confinement food, meticulously crafted by KAI CUISINE’s dedicated in-house team of chefs in consultation with nutritionists and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, enabling mothers to heal, recover, regain their mental keel, and be nourished. This fusion of ancient Chinese medical practice and western science with modern gastronomy results in a cuisine that meets all the nutritional needs of a new mother, and goes well beyond.
Menu planning is guided by TCM principles of 一休二排三调四健养 (process of healing, detoxification, restoration and nourishment), taking into account the mother’s childbirth method, the different phases and rate of postpartum recovery, the required amount of nutrition (e.g. intake of more vegetables of different varieties, protein-to-carbohydrate ratio), as well as cultural background and preferences to give a sense of familiarity to the dishes.
Menus are then adjusted after each weekly TCM consultation as every mother’s rate of recovery and body condition is different.

By using only the finest natural produce and ingredients sourced locally as much as possible – including from farms in Singapore – as well as seasonal produce at its peak, KAI ’ chefs craft elegant and restorative gastronomic meals that are served in-room or at KAI Lounge located at the lobby.

The mother’s health and wellbeing are of paramount importance. KAI believes that food should be as pure, natural, artisanal and wholesome as possible; as such no added MSG or artificial additives are used, instead natural sugars and umami are extolled from the ingredients themselves. The best, natural herbs are used, such as black dates instead of the usual red variety, and sulphur-free ‘dang gui’ or angelica root.

Many of the sauces, seasonings, condiments and other ingredients that are used are made in small batches from scratch in the KAI kitchen, including wheat noodles, infused oils and syrups, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, Hakka yellow wine, red lees paste, chicken essence, kaya and fruit jams.
In addition, stringent efforts are made to avoid the use of aluminium foil and cookware, as well as plastic containers and similar items that may pose harmful health effects. As a precaution, the use of materials and items that may be harmful to health is avoided or minimised. An example of this is aluminium which can leach into food during high-temperature cooking or react chemically with acidic foods such as tomato, cabbage and lime.

KAI  does not use any aluminium foil and cookware to prepare its food. There is also minimal usage of plastic containers that contain phthalates and bisphenol A which can affect the hormones; and non-stick cookware with Teflon coating will break down and release toxins at 300 degrees Celsius.

KAI CUISINE Home Food Delivery

KAI CUISINE can be presented right at the doorstep of mothers who wish to nourish and rejuvenate at home. A range of home food delivery packages is available to suit different needs and preferences.
Each meal arrives warm in biodegradable packaging within one hour of preparation.

Catering Bento Box Available

Savour the exquisite cuisine with KAI’s tantalizing Bento Box catering service. This 5-course meal features ABC soup, aromatic steamed jasmine rice, a side dish, fresh seasonal fruits and green vegetables, and your choice of the finest meat.